My Deepest Dream (2022) (Chinese Drama)

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Wu Yu is a math major while Tan Jiao writes mystery novels for a living. The two fall in love on a cruise ship yet end their trip afflicted with varying degrees of memory loss. Wu Yu and Tan Jiao were swept into a whirlwind romance after meeting each other on a cruise ship. However, they both experience some form of memory loss afterwards. Wu Yu has no recollection about the few days after his trip while Tan Jiao lost nearly a year and a half’s worth of memories. Wu Yu is a mathematical prodigy and a straight-A student with a bright future. His life changes drastically when his mother and a younger sister who are his only two relatives are suddenly killed. In order to find the real murderer, he works as a car mechanic and crosses paths with Tan Jiao once more.


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Duration: 36 Min
Last Air Date:4 Oct 2022
Number Of Episode:30

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